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What is ECOBAC ?
ECOBAC is a liquid bacteria formula that outcompetes a wide array of bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. How does ECOBAC work ? The microbes in ECOBAC make the environment unfavorable through diverse mechanisms for the growth and development of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens making this product reliable in diverse crops and culture conditions.

How to apply ECOBAC ?
ECOBAC can be applied to the soil or foliage with any devise used for this type of application. Rotation of soil and foliage applications brings control of soil and foliage pathogens. A simultaneous application of ECONUTRIENT along with ECOBAC enhances the effectiveness of the product. ECOBAC can also be sprayed on top of fruit and vegetables to reduce post harvest damage.




EcoBac in mango Download
EcoBac in bell pepper in Sinaloa 1 Download
EcoBac in bell pepper in Sinaloa 2 Download
EcoBac in jalapeño pepper Download
Ecobac biocontrol in vitro Download
EcoBac in cantaloupe post harvest Download
EcoBac in bell pepper at nursery Download
EcoBac in avocados Download
EcoBac in Vinca Pacifica Apricot with Phytophthora nicotianae Download