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Welcome to Ecomicrobials

EcoMicrobials Inc. is a leading company in the fields of bio formulations for the Agriculture and Aquaculture industries. Our proprietary formulations are especially formulated for soil bioremediation, soil improvements, increase plant health, greater agriculture production, water treatment for inland aquaculture productions and treatment of organic waste derived from Intensive animal husbandry.


Expert Info

EcoMicrobials, a Research and Development company located in Miami Florida, is continuously evaluating and improving its current products as well as developing new ones.


Our research team is led by Dr. Philippe Douillet, Ph.D. in Aquaculture Microbial Ecology from Oregon State University, who has extensive experience in research at several universities, as well as in the private industry in various areas of applied industrial microbial ecology.

Areas of expertise: Aquatic, soil, plant and animal microbiology as it applies to aquaculture, agriculture, animal husbandry and bioremediation. Research and development of microbial products and fermentation technology.

“I consider myself very fortunate to count with a long-time working relationship with the following brilliant minds that provide support to Ecomicrobials.”

Philippe Douillet – President Ecomicrobials